I have talked to my female friends about casual sex and ways to avoid negative situations. But in particular out drinking I have mentioned to a few male friends the risks they take with ‘hooking up’ with intoxicated females. I have also taken intoxicated girls home in a taxi before they can be put in a situation they are either unable to control or do not want to be in. (Alphia, aged 19, from a regional area)

Negotiating what I was comfortable with in terms of a physical beginning to a relationship. I felt that the workshop gave me space to really decide what felt right for me in a physical relationship and to use this to find something that would work mutually well with my partner and I. I felt comfortable with this approach. I feel that it worked well and both my partner and I gained what we wanted from the experience. (Gail aged 21, from a regional area)

I have been much more willing to open up to my partner, being honest about my thoughts and concerns. I have also not been nervous to ask my partner sexual questions. (Ruth, aged 19, from the city)

I pay closer attention to what my partner wants and clearly indicate my expectations before (my emphasis) going home with someone. I have a better appreciation that some people find it difficult/impossible to express what they really want/like, and I use steps to try and find out what these are. (Marty, aged 20, from a regional area)

I have certainly been more aware of my girlfriend’s body language since partaking in the group. At one time I noticed stiffness in her persona and was able to discern that she was not as ready as I was for some aspects of our relationship and we were able to talk it out and find common ground. (Dave, aged 24, from a regional area)

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